Young Person’s Medical Conference FAQs

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Who is the event for?

Who is it for?

Pre-university students from age 15 upwards, who are interested in studying Medicine at university or pursuing it as a career. Parents and guardians can also attend the event and take part in drop-in sessions to find out more about medicine as a career path.

How many workshops can students attend?

How many workshops can students attend?

Students can attend up to two practical workshops and up to two immersive workshops.

What can parents and teachers do at the event?

What can parents and teachers do at the event?

Parents and teachers have their own programme. After joining the talks and keynote speech in the morning, there will be a specific parent/teacher talk in the afternoon, focusing how to play a supporting role in an application. Teachers and parents can also attend drop-in sessions throughout the day.

How is the conference different?

How is the Conference different?

Our event is not simply an application preparation event. Our aim is to create the first ever global medical conference, aimed exclusively at pre-university students. The Young Person’s Medical Conference gives students interested in Medicine the chance to hear about the latest advances in global Medicine, combined with the opportunity to debate medical ethics with their peers, and pull on a pair of plastic gloves, roll up their sleeves and learn to stitch up a wound. 

What do I need to bring with me to the event?

What do I need to bring with me?

We require all attendees to bring a form of photographic identification with them to the event. Students will be provided with a workbook at the event, so will require a pen. Attendees might also like to bring a notepad with them. We ask that attendees do not bring large bags.

Who can attend workshops?

Who can attend the workshops?

Only students can attend workshops. Parents and teachers are welcome to attend all talks, including the parent and teacher talk.

Why is the event happening?

Choosing Medicine as a university subject and subsequent career means choosing lifelong learning. Doctors are required by the General Medical Council to keep abreast of the latest medical advances in their fields – and as a result attend regional, national and international conferences throughout their careers to keep learning, and help take the latest global developments in Medicine to their local communities.

We have been meeting candidates for competitive medical courses and helping them with their application prep for almost 20 years. In looking at the pre-university medical application landscape, we felt that there was something missing. Candidates were applying with a combination of book-learning and a few days of work experience to give them a taste of the vocation. We wanted to give them a chance to think about the bigger picture of medicine and medical advancements from the earliest ever stage in their career – before they begin their degree, and felt that the chance to experience a medical conference like the ones thousands of doctors attend every year was the best way to do it.

Students will get an insight into how major advances might shape the future of Medicine, as well as getting a very real sense of how they could participate in and contribute to that vision of the future through our immersive ‘Be a Doctor for a Day’ experience. All of this is designed to give prospective medics an inspiring taste of their own future if they choose to pursue this career path.

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