One-to-one Support

As every student is different, with varied strengths and areas for improvement, Dukes Medical Applications offers a range of one-to-one education consultancy services to suit you.

Education consultancy services conducted one-to-one are a powerful way to advance academically beyond the classroom. Our consultants will analyse your individual application and identify areas for attention, using both their expertise in medical school admission and their knowledge of the different universities and their preferred assessments.

Initial Consultation Application Support Programme Access Scheme

We begin all our one-to-one work with an initial, Private Consultation, a one-hour session with an expert Medical Admissions Consultant to review you application and build a strategy for success. A Private Consultation costs £295 and can take place in our central London offices or over Skype™.

All bookings are taken over the phone with a consultant, and can scheduled out of normal office hours and at the weekend if this suits you better.

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Our One-to-one Services

Dukes Medical Applications makes the experience of applying to study Medicine simple.

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Students can join us at any stage of the application journey, from early consideration of Medicine as a career, to immediately before interviews. Our support follows the application journey. Every step of the way, you will be guided by your own application team of medical admissions specialists.


Initial consultation

First, we meet with you and your family for an initial, Private Consultation. Honed over nearly 20 years, this first meeting with a medical admissions expert gives you a comprehensive assessment of your application, answering all your questions, and setting out a strategy for preparing an excellent application.


One application journey; one personalised programme of support

Our Medical Application Programme is a tried and tested programme of support that gets great results. After a Private Consultation, if appropriate, you will be invited to join the programme. Your application team will personalise the programme to your specific needs, providing tailored guidance and hands-on support from beginning to end.

Research-Led Guidance At Every Stage

We base our guidance on years of research into admissions statistics for the leading medical schools and analysis of the tests they administer. We have been advising medical applicants for nearly 20 years, and have a proven success rate – for example, our long-term support candidates for Oxbridge Medicine are more than three times likelier to gain a place than the average applicant.

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Confidence-Building through Personalised Preparation

Becoming familiar with interview scenarios is a big factor in success. Experience of discussing medical concepts with an expert will allow you to perform at a higher level, and communicate more naturally – which is essential when convincing an Admissions Tutor that you could put patients at ease. Receiving support from our experts will also help give you confidence that you are equal to the challenge. You will know that we at Dukes Medical Applications have prepared you well, using our own first-hand knowledge of getting into medical school.

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Access Scheme

Dukes Medical Applications supports 10 students free of charge each year through our Access Scheme, open to all students who attend a state or non-fee-paying school.

The Access Scheme is designed to help students who may not otherwise receive support in their medical applications, and aims to ensure these students have access to the opportunities and knowledge that will allow them to demonstrate their true potential as doctors.

Through our Access Scheme, students receive direct contact with medical school admission experts, who support them in every element of the application.

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Successful Medicine Applicant, 2015

We are passionate about providing personal support for every applicant who needs it. If you would like guidance to help you answer your questions, contact our in-house medical admissions consultants to talk them through:

+44 (0)20 7499 2394 or email us on info@dukesmedicalapplications.com