MMI Circuit Day

Our MMI Circuit Day is for students planning to apply for medicine at most UK universities.

This style of interview is carried out at stations, each interview lasting approximately 8 minutes. Students rotate around each of the different stations and are awarded a grade at each.

Our circuit day will help you perform to master this unusual form of assessment, and the interpersonal and communication skills measured during it.

The medical schools that currently use the MMI interview format are: Aberdeen, Anglia Ruskin, Aston, Birmingham, Brighton and Sussex, Buckingham, Cardiff, Dundee, Norwich, Exeter, Hull York, Keele, King’s College London, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Lincoln, Plymouth, Queen’s Belfast, Sheffield, St Andrew’s, St George’s London, Sunderland, and Central Lancashire.

Course Details

Date: Saturday 30th November

Location: New Academic Building, London School of Economics, 54 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3LJ

Ticket Price: £95

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Why choose the Dukes Medical Applications MMI Circuit Day?

Life-like Experience

A mock circuit of the types of stations you will be interviewed at in the real thing, designed by medical professionals.

Work in Teams

Tackle eight scenarios as a team leader and then observe whilst your partner leads on eight different scenarios. Learn from your teammate and experience additional questions.

Take on the Role of a Doctor

Become immersed in role play settings where you will be assessed on challenging areas which real doctors have to deal with, such as ethical descisions and changes with in the NHS.

What’s Included?

Sixteen MMI Interviews

Intensive, realistic practice MMI interviews that closely mirror the real thing. All of our interviews are conducted by experts with medical degrees.

Strategy for Improvement

Take away both verbal and written feedback, to provide direction for your further interview preparation at home.

Introductory Lecture

Receive a full brief on the structure of MMI interviews and a guide on how to get the most out of your day.

What topics do our circuits cover?


Ethics form the basis of all good medical care. Trust, accountability, mutual respect and fairness are crucial skills for any doctor to have.


The Problems and Benefits of the NHS

The challenges faced by the NHS in providing free healthcare are often related back to ethical debate. A good knowledge of the monetary and governmental pressures on our healthcare system is key for medical school applicants and something examined more and more often at interview.


Moral Debates

Doctors must protect human rights and dignity even when faced with practical difficulties. Our  circuits test you on this key aspect of becoming a doctor, providing you with situations in which a clear course of action might not always be obvious.


Good communication skills are vital in maintaining good doctor-patient relationships, so we have ensured these are rigorously examined as part of our courses. 


Conveying Bad News 

Telling a patient that something unfortunate has happened requires tact and sensitivity, and is often as emotional an experience for a doctor as a patient. Honing this skill early in your medical application will serve you well in your interviews and later career.


Explaining Complex Medical Issues

It is key to be able to convey a complaint to a patient without using medical jargon or oversimplifying the condition. We test you verbal and non-verbal (posture, facial expression and eye contact) explanatory skills at several of our stations.

Logic-based Skills

The ability to analyse the information presented to you in any given situation, and thus make an informed decision or find a correct solution is a necessary skill for a medical professional.


Data Interpretation

On a daily basis, on wards and in examinations, medics encounter clinical data. Our course helps you hone your skills for data-based interview problems.


Problem Solving

As part of our MMI day, we assess your ability to define a problem, determine the causes, come to a reasonable conclusion and take action.

Programme Overview

A welcome talk and overview of MMIs for university applications

Complete a full circuit of eight different stations and then observe a further eight. Learn where you score in relation to your peers. completely different stations when you observe compared to when you participate. 

Receive a written record of how you performed along with detailed and constructive verbal feedback.

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Date: Sunday 30th November
Location: Central London


Early Afternoon Event - 11.15-14.45

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Late Afternoon Event - 14.30-18.00

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