Interview Preparation Weekend

Our Interview Preparation Weekend is designed to provide three days of intensive support to students applying to study Medicine at top universities in the UK, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and UCL.

Our residential course provides the opportunity for students to improve their ability to communicate confidently, hone their Admissions Test skills, and present their best self at interview.

This course will be run in conjunction with our sister company, Oxbridge Applications.

Course Details

Date: Friday 25th October to Sunday 27th October 2019
Price: £1,995
Arrival: 12.00 noon, 25th October
Departure: 5.30pm, 27th October
Location: De Vere Beaumont Estate, Burfield Rd, Old Windsor, SL4 2JJ

Why choose the Dukes Medical Applications' Interview Preparation Course?


We investigate previous Admissions Test papers and university interview styles annually, updating our custom-created materials to ensure the most accurate possible experience.

Intensive Preparation

Our comprehensive three-day course prepares medicine applicants for the full application process. 

High Level Understanding

We not only ensure that you really understand the different BMAT questions or interview questions that could be asked, but also how you can answer them to the highest standard.

Specialist Graduates

Our interviews and subject-specific tutorials are run by specialist Medicine graduates from top universities.

Timed Conditions

To give you a reflection of the intensity of the true test, we carry out our BMAT mocks under timed, examination conditions.

Expert Mentors

Our experienced mentors identify key areas to work on over the weekend and further areas to focus on leading up to your interview.

Our Advisory Board

Our course is delivered by carefully selected and trained tutors from our network of over 2,500 top graduates.

Dr Don Oboh Dukes Medical Applications Tutor Mentor

Dr Imafidon (Don) Oboh, BA Oxon MBBS Imperial College London

Don has mentored with Dukes Education for the past two years. Don is undertaking his Foundation Year 1 at Watford General Hospital, having qualified from his final year of clinical study at Imperial College London, in 2017. Previously, Don graduated from Oxford in Medical Sciences. As a mentor, Don has worked on dozens of events to support students to achieve their goal of studying Medicine and becoming a doctor. He is currently exploring a range of specialisms, but is particularly interested in Psychiatry.

Meet our consultant

Our consultants have decades worth of experience in helping students perfect their interview techniques.

Barry Webb, former Admissions Tutor

Barry Webb is a former Admissions Tutor and current tutor at Oxford University. He is also a former member of the Joint Oxford & Cambridge Admissions Council. Barry’s decades worth of experience means that students get an unparalleled insight into what qualities and attributes top universities seek in applicants.

What’s Included?

BMAT Workbook

Mock Admissions Test Exams

If your subject requires an Admissions Test, you will sit a practice test designed to mirror the structure of the actual exam.

One-to-one time with Former Admissions Tutors

Become familiar with what Admissions Tutors look for in a good interviewee.

Mock Multiple Mini Interviews

Verbal and written feedback with recommendations for interview improvement.

Test Tutorials

Devise a strategy for approaching the test, including the best way to manage time.

Communications Skills Workshop

Be up-skilled on how to communicate effectively about Medicine in preparation for your interview.

University-style Environment

De Vere Beaumont gives students a feel for university living.

Pratice Interviews

Our mock interviews are designed to help you understand what the interviewer expects of you and how to perform at your best at this taxing hurdle in the admissions process.


Communication Sessions

Our communications expert, teaches students how to express themselves confidently and clearly at interview, a useful transferable skill when communicating with patients. 


Traditional Interviews

To ensure students are prepared for the real thing, they will be interviewed by a former Admissions Tutor, thus receiving unparalleled insight into the interview process. 


Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

Practice an MMI circuit and gain a lifelike experience of what the real interviews will be like. Learn how to make ethical judgements and solve problems when under pressure.

Admissions Test Support

Our practice BMAT test helps potential medical students to master the identification of patterns and abstract thinking skills. These skills will be measured in the BMAT test as medical professionals often must think abstractly to come up with diagnoses from a list of symptoms.


Exam conditions

Sit an unseen mock test (which is unique to the Weekend) under timed exam conditions, replicating the intensity of the real exam.


Review Results

Receive feedback from Admissions Test experts in a session focused on the main improvements points to work towards. Develop the skills and competencies examined by the BMAT.


Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

Practice an MMI circuit and gain a lifelike experience of what the real interviews will be like. Learn how to make ethical judgements and solve problems when under pressure.

Medicine Tutorials

Small group learning in the style of a medical school tutorial, led by a specialist tutor.

teacher showing students the correct answers


Improve your Confidence

Practise speaking confidently in small-group sessions.


University-style learning 

Sessions led by a Medicine graduate specialist to prepare you for medical school.

University-style Experience

An early opportunity to meet and socialise with high calibre candidates in an mock university environment.


Formal Socials

Enjoy a two three-course dinners with fellow applicants and tutors, including one formal and one themed evening. Mix with other students applying to top universities and become familiar with the social environments you’ll experience for the next five plus years of your degree.


Residential Setting

Familiarise yourself with concentrated study and living away from home in an environment designed to mimic a university setting.


Less Daunting 

The three-day experience takes the intimidation factor out of applying by familiarising students with interacting with peers in an intensive academic environment.

Programme Overview

Arrival: 10.00am – 12.00am, 26th October    Departure: 5.30pm, 28th October

Arrival from 10.00am – 12.00am

Shuttle buses will depart Egham Station at 11.00am and 11.30am.

Talk from a former Admissions Tutor and a Parent Talk

Applicants will hear from a former Admissions Tutor on what interviewers at top universities will be looking for in applicants, while parents will learn how to best support their child’s application to medical school

Admissions Test Tutorials and Mock Test

If applicants are sitting the BMAT, they will have a test-specific tutorial run by skilled admissions experts and then sit a mock test in exam conditions. These will be marked with the students in a session focused on the main improvements points to work towards.

Lateral Thinking Project Sessions

For applicants that have already sat the UKCAT and do not need to sit the BMAT, the Lateral Thinking Tutorial will teaches students how to think outside the box and how to work on university-level Medicine problems.

Tradtional Interview 

This will take place with the applicant’s mentor for the weekend, who will be able to give them specific guidance over the course.

Formal Social

Applicants will experience a formal social with a dinner along with their fellow attendees and tutors.

Medicine Tutorials

Small group learning led by an Medicine-graduate subject specialist to advance student’s medical knowledge

Communication Skills Session

Conducted by an communications expert, students will learn how to improve their communication style and present their ideas in an confident manner.

Themed Dinner

 A Halloween-themed, costumed dinner replicating university-style social events 

Traditional and Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

Students can rehearse for the intensity of their real MMIs with two traditional and a series of short station-based interviews,  followed by feedback.

Awards Ceremony

A review of the Weekend and a celebration of students’ achievements.

Departure at 5.30pm


Buy a Ticket

Date: Friday 26th – Sunday 28th October
Location: De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor


Bookings closed

  • Multiple Mini Interview Practice
  • Admissions Test Practice and Tutorials
  • Communications Skills Workshop



De Vere Beaumont Estate,
Burfield Rd,
Old Windsor,

Public transport


Beaumont Estate is closest to Egham Station. From London, the quickest route is to take the South Western Railway from London Waterloo to Egham. The Estate is a short 10 min taxi journey from the station, but we also provide a shuttle bus to take students from the station to the venue.


From central London, the quickest route is the M4 to Staines-upon-Thames, before taking exit 13 from the M25.  Follow the A30 and A308 to Old Windsor, where the Estate is located.

Successful Medicine Applicant, 2015

We are passionate about providing personal support for every applicant who needs it. If you would like guidance to help you answer your questions, contact our in-house medical admissions consultants to talk them through:

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