UCAT Prep Course

Our UCAT prep course is for students planning to sit the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) exam. The UCAT is taken by students applying for Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences. Rather than testing scientific knowledge, it examines candidates’ cognitive abilities and clinical aptitude.

There are five sections to the exam: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning, situational judgement test, and decision-making. The UCAT exam is commonly held to be more like an IQ test than a conventional written examination.

Our UCAT preparation course will help you to perform to your best, mastering both the format of the test and the thinking skills which are measured during it. Last year, applicants on our courses, including our UCAT prep course, improved their results by 20%. Our practice tests are specially written by Oxbridge Medicine graduates who are experts in UCAT test prep.

This course will be run in conjunction with our sister company, Oxbridge Applications.

Course Details

Date: Saturday 20th July

Location: Eaton Square Mayfair, 106 Piccadilly, Mayfair, London, W1J 7NL

Ticket Price: £295 (discounts for schools bookings are available on enquiry)

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Why choose the Dukes Medical Applications UCAT Prep Course?


We investigate previous UCAT exam papers annually, updating our own UCAT materials to ensure the most accurate possible experience.

Intensive Preparation

Our intensive course prepares medical school applicants for the rigors of the UCAT.

High Level Understanding

We not only ensure that you really understand the different UCAT questions that could be asked, but also how you can answer them to the highest standard.

Specialist Graduates

Our UCAT prep course is run by specialist Medicine graduates.

Timed Conditions

To give you a reflection of the intensity of the true test, we carry out our UCAT mocks under timed, examination conditions.

Expert Tutors

Our expert tutors teach you to excel under the time pressure of the UCAT by arming you with the necessary skills and strategy.

Who could be teaching me?

Our course is delivered by carefully selected and trained tutors from our network of over 2,300 top graduates.

Dr Don Oboh Dukes Medical Applications Tutor Mentor

Dr Imafidon (Don) Oboh, BA Oxon

Don graduated from Oxford in Medical Sciences and is now a final year medical student at Imperial College London undertaking the clinical years of his degree. He has mentored with Dukes Education for the past two years. Don has worked on dozens of events to support students to achieve their goal of studying Medicine and becoming a doctor. He is currently exploring a range of specialisms, but is particularly interested in Psychiatry.

What’s Included?

UKCAT Marked Mock Test

Two full UCAT papers marked

Full papers marked and returned to you with plenty of time to assess weaknesses before the real thing.


Original UCAT mocks

All of our unique mock papers in with incredibly detailed answer packs.

UKCAT Workbook

UCAT Workbook

A booklet to help you improve your exam technique, ability to tackle UCAT exam questions and time management.

Verbal Reasoning

Our UCAT courses are designed to develop pupils’ reading and thinking skills. Medical practitioners must also be able to interpret findings from published materials and apply this to their own practice. It is essential they can critique such materials and draw their own conclusion as to the validity of any findings.

Group of students doing a test



In the verbal reasoning section of the UCAT test, you must process passages of information and determine what conclusions can be drawn from information. The Dukes Medical Applications UCAT course works to enhance attendees’ comprehension abilities – an ability need by all medical professionals to understand complex information.



As a medic, communicating clearly and simply to patients is essential and is an element tested in the verbal reasoning section of the test. With our UCAT course, we aim to improve attendees’ information transferral skills, so they can excel in the test.


Interpreting Findings

We endeavour to instruct future medical students on how best to judge the legitimacy of results, as this is an important area tested in the UCAT exam.

Quantitative Reasoning

On our course, we focus on expanding students’ existing numerical skills to enable them to better solve numbers based problems.


Reviewing and Applying Data

During the UCAT, students have to solve data based problems. On our prep course, we help Medical Applicants with their table, chart and graph interpretation skills.


Critiquing Results

An important skill that Medical Schools consider is the way in which applicants can appraise their own discoveries. The UCAT preparation courses run at Dukes emphasise the need for pupils to refine their aptitude for evaluating and appraising results.

Abstract Reasoning

Our practice UCAT courses help potential medical students to master the identification of patterns and abstract thinking skills. These skills will be measured in the UCAT test as medical professionals often must think abstractly to come up with diagnoses from a list of symptoms

teacher showing students the correct answers


Identify Patterns

Our UCAT Preparation Course will help examinees draw conclusions when presented with core information hidden amongst irrelevant and distracting material.


Form Hypotheses

The UCAT course at Dukes Medical Applications boosts future medics critical thinking and theory formulation skills.

Situational Judgment Test

The SJTs consist of a series of scenarios where students must identify possible actions and considerations.

students in a workshop talking and learning together



We help UCAT examinees to make the appropriate judgments for the situation and understand the importance of taking other considerations into account.


Integrity, Resilience and Adaptability

Medical careers require a huge amount of persistence and determination. Dukes UCAT courses encourage students to better draw on their personal strengths to tackle these problems successfully


The new Decision Making section of the UCAT assesses a candidates’ ability to apply logic to reach a decision or conclusion, evaluate arguments and analyse statistical information.

teacher talking to a table of students


Applying Logic

High-level problem solving skills are crucial to scoring well in the UCAT. Complex logic application is covered comprehensively on our preparation course, so students can take the UCAT with confidence.


Statistical Information Analysis

We offer bespoke training on our UCAT course so that potential medical students are armed with the skills needed to assess and manage statistical information

Programme Overview

Arrival: 10.00    Departure: 17.30

With your test expert, you will go through an entire mock test, learning how to approach questions and write model answers. In this first session, you will understand how to approach the unfamiliar style of admissions test questions and ensure you answer in accordance with the mark scheme specification.

In this second part of the day, you will continue to look at example questions and the paper as a whole. With your tutor, you will devise a strategy for approaching the test, including the best way to manage time, the content that is crucial to gain high marks, and which areas of your preparation you need to focus on..

After lunch, you will sit a full test in exam conditions. You will have the full experience of sitting an admissions test to ensure that you can apply what you have learned throughout the day, and are not unfamiliar with the time and style of content of the test when it comes to the real thing. Your test will be marked and returned to you up to ten working days after the event.


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Date: 20th July 2019 

Location: Eaton Square Mayfair, W1J 7NL

Bookings are now closed.


(discounts for schools bookings are available on enquiry)

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