Interview Preparation Day

Our Interview Preparation Day is for students planning to sit their Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI). The comprehensive, one-day MMI preparation course that we offer focuses on preparing medics for circuit-style interviews.

The Multiple Mini Interviews consist of a short series of ‘station based’ interviews that last around 7-9 minutes. The MMI are a form of situational judgement test, designed to measure a variety of skills essential for doctors in their practice. They assess the capacity for critical thinking, collaboration, empathy, communication, ethical decision-making, focus on detail, cultural sensitivity, and knowledge of current healthcare issues. The interviews do not measure your current level of scientific or medical knowledge, rather your emotional intelligence, decision-making ability, and capacity to think on your feet, but preparation is still absolutely essential.

Course Details

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Price: £495
Time: 09.00 – 18.00
Time: Sunday 17th November and Saturday 23rd November
Location: New Academic Building, London School of Economics, 54 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3LJ

Why choose the Dukes Medical Applications Interview Prep Course?

Personal Feedback

We ensure that our MMI prep courses are conducted with small groups to give students the personal feedback they require.

Ethical Skills Preparation

Our course prepares medical school applicants to tackle complex ethical issues and scenarios like those set out in the MMI.

High Level Understanding

We not only ensure that you really understand the different MMI questions that could be asked, but also how you can answer them to the highest standard.

Specialist Graduates

Our MMI prep course is run by specialist Oxbridge graduates.

Timed Conditions

We carry out our MMI mocks under timed, examination conditions to help students work on the time management skills necessary for the interviews.

Expert Tutors

Our expert tutors teach you to listen to questions carefully and identify key prompts that should inform your answers.

Who could be teaching me?

Our course is delivered by carefully selected and trained tutors from our network of over 2,500 top graduates

Dr Don Oboh Dukes Medical Applications Tutor Mentor

Dr Imafidon (Don) Oboh, BA Oxon

Don is a final year medical student, and has mentored with Dukes Education for the past two years. He is currently studying at Imperial College London, where he is undertaking the clinical years of his degree. Previously, Don graduated from Oxford in Medical Sciences. As a mentor, Don has worked on dozens of events to support students to achieve their goal of studying Medicine and becoming a doctor. He is currently exploring a range of specialisms, but is particularly interested in psychiatry.

What’s Included?


Practice in simulated MMI circuit

Woman teaching man using laptop

Enjoy a medicine tutorial to support subject knowledge

Barry Webb

Listen to a talk from a former medical admissions tutor

Woman teaching workshop

Take part in a communications workshop that teaches how to demonstrate knowledge, empathy, and a calm manner.

Communication and Listening Skills

Young man talking



Understanding what the interviewers are asking of you will be central to your success in the MMIs. The MMI prep course we provide helps students to indentify hints hidden in questions designed to direct the answers given.


Clear Expression

Individual MMI must end after the allotted time has elapsed, so good, clear communication is necessary. We teach students to articulate their point effectively within required 7-9 minute slot.

Societal Issues

Aspiring medical students should be up-to-date on news about the medical professions and the heath care industry.

Elderly lady walking with doctor in hospital


Key Issues

Students are taught at our MMI course how to keep current so they have real world examples to inform their judgments on hypothetical scenarios


Social and Political Implications

Pupils that attend our courses learn to consider the real-life repercussions of their suggested interview answers, the hypothetical consequences of which that will be assessed by the interviewers.

Ethical judgments and Problem Solving

Students can easily be taken off-guard when asked to make moral decisions and asked show empathy in front of a panel.

Puzzle with question mark



We give students the self-assurance to express their views and feelings confidently on the day of the interviews.


Different Perspectives

Our prep course helps students to approach ethical problems with a view to outlooks on life


Succeeding Under Pressure

Dukes Medical Applications MMI Prep Day instructs pupils how to succeed at problem solving under pressure. Excelling in a short amount of time is crucial for success at the Multiple Medical Interviews.

Programme Overview

Arrival: 9.00    Departure: 18.00

Talk from former Admissions Tutor, Barry Webb, followed by a Q&A session on what interviewers are looking for in candidates approaching their interviews.

Subject tutorial in small groups, designed to mirror a university tutorial and give applicants the chance to practice their communication in an academic setting, as well as build their subject-knowledge.

Interview skills workshop with a communications skills expert. In this session, applicants learn how to communicate effectively  to prepare them for interview.

Two traditional interviews and four multi mini interviews (MMIs). Following each interview, you will receive full written and verbal feedback to give you a strategy for improvement.


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Date: Sunday 17th November
          Saturday 23th November

Location:  New Academic Building, WC2A 3LJ


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