BMAT Prep Course

Our BMAT prep course is for students planning to sit the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT). As with all exams, proper BMAT prep and practice can make a real difference to your performance. Many universities use the BMAT exam score to help determine who is shortlisted to interview, so it is a crucial aspect of the application to master.

Our BMAT preparation course will help you perform to your best, mastering both the format of the test and the thinking skills which are measured during it. In the previous application cycle, attendees of our BMAT prep courses increased their score by an average of 20%. Our practice tests are specially written by experienced Medicine graduates who are experts in BMAT test prep. We review the papers and questions annually to ensure they fit current test specifications.

Course Details

Date: Sunday 13th October

Location: New Academic Building, London School of Economics, 54 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3LJ

Ticket Price: £295 (discounts for schools bookings are available on enquiry)

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Why choose the Dukes Medical Applications BMAT Prep Course?


We investigate previous BMAT exam papers annually, updating our own BMAT materials to ensure the most accurate possible experience.

Rigorous Preparation

Our intensive BMAT course provides the rigorous preparation needed by medical school applicants to succeed in the test.

High Level Understanding

We not only ensure that you really understand the different BMAT questions that could be asked, but also how you can answer them to the highest standard.

Specialist Graduates

Our BMAT prep course is run by graduate Medicine specialists.

Examination Conditions

We carry out our BMAT mocks under timed examination conditions so you get a reflection of the intensity of the true test.

Expert Tutors

Our expert tutors teach you the skills and strategy, section by section, allowing you to master the sections you particularly struggle with.

Who could be teaching me?

Our course is delivered by carefully selected and trained tutors from our network of over 2,300 top graduates.

Dr Don Oboh Dukes Medical Applications Tutor Mentor

Dr Imafidon (Don) Oboh, BA Oxon

Don is a qualified junior doctor, and has mentored with Dukes Education for the past two years. He has graduated from Imperial College London, where he undertook the clinical years of his degree. Previously, Don graduated from Oxford in Medical Sciences. As a mentor, Don has worked on dozens of events to support students to achieve their goal of studying Medicine and becoming a doctor. He is currently exploring a range of specialisms, but is particularly interested in psychiatry.

What’s Included?

Marked BMAT Papers

Four full BMAT papers

Four full papers with answers, two of which will be marked and returned to you with plenty of time to assess weaknesses before the real thing.


Original BMAT mocks

All of our unique mock papers in with incredibly detailed answer packs.

BMAT Workbook

BMAT Workbook

A booklet to help you improve your exam technique, ability to tackle BMAT exam questions and time management.

Aptitude and Skills

The Aptitude and Skills section consists of 35 multiple choice or short answer questions. This section of the exam lasts 60 minutes and tests generic skills in problem solving, understanding arguments, and data analysis and inference.

Students in classroom


Problem Solving

Those that attend our BMAT course will learn to train their brain, to better solve problems and develop more strategic ways of thinking ready for the exam.


Understanding Arguments

The Dukes BMAT course focuses on how students can better identify reasons, assumptions and conclusions, detect flaws, and draw conclusions.


Data Analysis and inference

This section of the test requires the use of basic data interpretation, analysis and scientific inference. We support students to progress their numerical data abilities, so they can tackle the various forms information presented in the BMAT exam.

Scientific Knowledge and Application

This section of the exam examines candidates’ ability to apply scientific knowledge typically covered in GCSE and IGCSE Science and Mathematics. The section comprises of 27 multiple-choice questions and lasts 30 minutes.

Close Up of multiple choice exam.



For the exam, pupils will be required to have good core knowledge of the We support Medicine applicants to reach the requisite level of skill with our prep courses.



Students taking the BMAT will be tested on Science and Maths topics typically outside the normal area of exam study, to gauge how well pupils can apply their existing knowledge. Preparation courses at Dukes Medical Applications help students to gain top marks on these multiple choice questions.

Writing Task

The Writing Task is your chance to show your ability to select, develop and organise ideas, and to communicate them in writing, concisely and effectively. Candidates must choose one question to answer from a selection of three.

University college students having examination


Essay Writing Skills

Students are assessed on their ability to write without the aid of a dictionary or other spell checking tools. We help hone students’ written language skills so that they can excel in the examination.


Selecting, developing and structuring a logical argument

A key skill for doctors and other medical professionals is the capability to address questions in the way demanded. After attending our BMAT course pupils are better equipped with the skills organised their thoughts and opinions on paper.


Communicating concisely and effectively

The written section of the BMAT is limited in length to a single sheet of A4. Our course is designed to help students to have the discipline to convey their ideas succinctly.

Programme Overview

With your test expert, you will go through an entire mock test, learning how to approach questions and write model answers. In this first session, you will understand how to approach the unfamiliar style of admissions test questions and ensure you answer in accordance with the mark scheme specification.

In this second part of the day, you will continue to look at example questions and the paper as a whole. With your tutor, you will devise a strategy for approaching the test, including the best way to manage time, the content that is crucial to gain high marks, and which areas of your preparation you need to focus on.

After lunch, you will sit a full test in exam conditions. You will have the full experience of sitting an admissions test to ensure that you can apply what you have learned throughout the day, and are not unfamiliar with the time and style of content of the test when it comes to the real thing. Your test will be marked and returned to you up to ten working days after the event.


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Date: Sunday 13th October
Location: Central London


(discounts for schools bookings are available on enquiry)

Bookings Now Closed

Successful Medicine Applicant, 2015

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