So You Want To Go To Medical School?

Thinking about applying to study Medicine, or a medical science, but not sure where to start? Perhaps you are wondering: ‘Is Medicine for me?’ Or are you resolved to be a doctor, but unsure how to approach the preparation you will need to make a successful application to medical school?

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The Ultimate Guide For Prospective Medics

To give all medical applicants a helpful starting point, Dukes Medical Applications has published So You Want To Go To Medical School? The ultimate guide to UK medical applications – a book that brings together expert knowledge with discussion of the main questions you will be asking yourself before you apply. The result is a comprehensive reference guide on how to get into medical school. Packed with important information, So You Want To Go To Medical School? is essential basic reading for every applicant.

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So You Want To Go To Medical School? has been compiled by writers with personal experience of applying to medical school and subsequently working in Medicine. Consulting those with first-hand knowledge of the medical school application process – and with clinical experience of the real challenges of the profession – allows you to be prepared for any obstacles and show yourself at your best as a candidate.

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Inside The Book

Dedicated chapters allow you to focus on one aspect of the process at a time, with areas such as…

Is Medicine For Me?

A discussion of the realities of studying an intensive course like Medicine.

The Realities of Being a Doctor

An overview of the daily activities of doctors, and the challenges they face.

The Application Process

An overview of how to apply to a UK medical school.

Choosing a University

What different courses universities offer, and the different teaching styles available.

Writing Your Personal Statement

A guide to the content that will make your statement stand out.

Work Experience

What medical work experience you will need to apply to medical school.

Admissions Tests

A guide to the tests you may need to sit and how to improve your scores.

Interviewing for Medicine

What are interviewers looking for in applicants and what questions may they ask?

Interview Questions

A guide to what type of interview questions may arise, and how to approach answering them.

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

What skills are tested at different MMI stations, and how you can prepare for them.

Applying as an International Student

An overview of applying to UK medical schools, as well as additional entry requirements.

Applying as a Graduate Student

Which universities you can apply to, and the entry requirements for Graduate Entry Medicine.

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We are passionate about providing personal support for every applicant who needs it. If you would like guidance to help you answer your questions, contact our in-house medical admissions consultants to talk them through:

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