Oxbridge Medicine Interviews

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Oxbridge Medicine Interviews (i.e. those held at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge) will be a little different from other, traditional medical school interviews. Oxbridge medical interview questions will likely be more academically challenging: they are designed to push you in order to see how well you can deal with unknown material. The Medicine interview will often be carried out by your future tutors: they will be assessing whether they feel they could teach you every week for the next few years. An Oxbridge interview is usually an academic discussion, and although testing, it should also be a chance for you to try out ideas and discuss Medicine with a person who is equally as enthusiastic and passionate about the subject.

What Happens in an Oxbridge Medicine Interview?

All the tips for a traditional medical school interview are still appropriate for Oxbridge Medicine interviews, but it is unlikely you will be asked a question for which you have prepared. The best tip for excelling in an Oxbridge medical application is to ensure your GCSE and A-level knowledge of the sciences is exceptional. It is also crucial that you undertake additional reading around a subject interest of yours to demonstrate your dedication to and interest in Medicine. Finally, you will need to familiarise yourself with the experience of not knowing the answer – the interviewers will want to see how you face new challenges and problems, so get ready to do some thinking on your feet!


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