Multiple Mini Interviews Questions

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Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) are short, station-based tests that assess your ability to handle the situations doctors deal with on daily basis. In Multiple Mini Interviews, your ability to empathise, communicate and use judgement is tested. With all exams, the secret to achieving high marks is practice and preparation. To help you with your application, we have created a station-by-station guide to excelling at MMIs.

MMI Interviews – the Multiple Mini Interview Format

MMI assessments mimic the style of the examinations you will take throughout your medical career – the OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations).

What happens in an MMI?

An MMI assessment takes place in a circuit consisting of (on average) 7-10 stations, with each station lasting approximately seven minutes. (However, some medical schools have fewer stations with longer or shorter times, so check the websites of the schools you are applying to.) You will be assessed by a different person at each station, who may or may not have a clinical background. Sometimes the assessment will take the form of a role-play or an exercise; in other cases it will consist of MMI questions.

The benefit of this style of interview is that you get a fresh start at each station. Even if the previous station has gone badly – or you think it went badly – the new assessor will not know this, so you get a new chance to excel. This style of interview also gives you more scope to show your wide range of skills and flexibility in adapting to challenges.

The drawbacks include the fast pace of the interviews, which can prove difficult for some candidates to adapt to. Also, this type of medical interview gives you less opportunity to show in-depth knowledge, as time is limited.


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