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There are thirty-two medical schools in the UK that the General Medical Council recognises as offering legitimate medical degrees. Though they all offer a degree in Medicine, these UK medical schools all offer very different experiences, environments, and courses. Having a strong sense of what your chosen Medical School will offer you during your degree is vital to the success of your university career.

A Guide To UK Medical Schools

With such a wealth of esteemed UK Medical Schools, your choice of university may seem daunting, but there are clear factors to consider when thinking about where you want to study. It is important to think about what aspects matter to you, and which universities you could see yourself attending, as you may be there for up to six years of your academic life.

Here we will break down and compare the various different universities through a number of variables. Our free guide details the course structure, necessary grades, required admissions tests, interview structure, and related subjects offered.

This download contains a list of all current medical schools UK universities provide, with basic information about the courses offered to assist you in making decisions. For more information, see each medical school’s website.


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