Graduate Entry Medicine Personal Statements

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If you are writing a graduate personal statement for Medicine after your first degree, there are a number of key aspects you should consider. Graduates from both Science and non-Science backgrounds can apply to study Graduate Medicine. Whether you have just finished your first degree, or you are applying as a mature student, it is important to reflect how your past areas of study and your life experiences have prepared you to be an excellent student of Medicine in your Graduate personal statement. It is also useful to be able to explain why you did not choose to study Medicine as an undergraduate degree and why at this point in your life you now want to enter the field. Graduate medical programmes are usually fast-tracked, so showing your ability to cope with an accelerated course and demands of post-graduate life in your personal statement is vital.

What Should I Include in My Graduate Medicine Personal Statement?

Fundamentally, medical admissions tutors are trying to understand what it is about you that will make you an excellent student on their course. Your personal statement must focus always on what it is about you that demonstrates the strengths that will help you excel when studying Graduate Medicine. You should not only discuss the areas of Medicine that interest you, but also your work experience and future career goals. Showing that you have researched the university’s graduate programme and chosen it for reasons that you, personally, find appealing is a great way to show tutors that you are engaged with the department.

Medical schools are often inundated with candidates, so you should be aiming to show with your personal statement why you are better than the rest. You should not only discuss the areas of medicine that interest you, but also your work experience and future career goals. Evidence of your personality is imperative to convey along with your passion for and commitment to studying Medicine.

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