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To succeed at the BMAT, you will need to have a comprehensive preparation timetable to follow. Our downloadable BMAT Study Schedule runs through the calendar, covering both the key dates for the BMAT, as well as guidance on what kind of preparation is most useful at which times. Everyone is different and learns at different rates, so you should adapt our example BMAT study schedule to incorporate your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Creating a Study Plan for the BMAT Exam

For almost every candidate planning to take the BMAT, study, revision, and practice is going to be crucial for a good mark. However, fitting this around your already busy and intensive schedule of school prep, exams, and organising the other aspects of your application is not easy. Drawing up a decent study plan can really help you to manage the extra strain to your workload.

A BMAT study schedule will allow you to map out what you should be doing, when. Once you have this, all you need to do is follow your own instructions! To help you, we have put together a recommended BMAT Study Schedule for the whole year, although it is important that you take into consideration your own unique circumstances, strengths, and challenges, and adapt this plan to suit you.

Preparing for Section 1: Aptitude and Skills

No school subject knowledge is needed to complete the ‘Aptitude and Skills’ part of the BMAT, but this doesn’t mean that preparation isn’t a powerful tool to help you excel. Your ability to think critically, solve problems and analyse data will be tested and so you should practise these elements of the test well in advance. Skills-based activities can be improved enormously by repeating exercises and growing accustomed to process, even if no memory retention is required. Your BMAT study schedule should include trying timed mocks with past section one questions to improve your speed (you will have less than two minutes to answer each question). You should continue trying section 1’s up until the test date to hone your technique (if you are struggling with an answer you need to learn when to move on and come back to the question or make a guess at the answer – negative marking is not used on the BMAT).

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