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Here you can download useful, free BMAT study materials to help you prepare for BMAT exam.

Kick things off with our BMAT Section Guide. The BMAT is composed of three sections, all of which require attention and a different form of preparation. The exam is designed like this specifically to test different skills, so it is important to understand which skills each section is trying to test, and to practise and develop those skills. Most students we meet with find that they are particularly strong in one or two sections and struggle more with others. As part of our BMAT study materials, we have therefore developed a section-by-section guide to help you work on whichever part of the BMAT test you find most difficult.

Study Materials to Help You Revise for the BMAT

Your BMAT studying should be made up of a little revision and a great deal of test practice. BMAT is designed to test your existing skills and knowledge, so you should focus on doing the various parts of the test under exam conditions.

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