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There’s no question that one of the most effective ways to prepare for the BMAT is to do as many BMAT practice tests as you can. Here we have provided a ‘mini mock’ – a BMAT practice test you can do in 35 minutes, designed to give you taste of what the questions are like, and allowing you to fit some practice around your busy school work. Alongside the BMAT practice test is a full answer set. This will allow you to mark your own work, as it explains not only what the correct answers are, but provides a full breakdown of how you should approach the question and come to that answer. Based on our annual research into the BMAT exam, these BMAT practice tests are an excellent way to prepare.

Get Some BMAT Practice with Our Mini-Mock Test

The BMAT exam is for students applying for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences courses, depending on the institution they are applying to.

The test is two hours long and consists of three sections: one on Aptitude and Skills (similar in style to an IQ test), one on Scientific Knowledge and Applications, and finally a Writing Task. This section asks you to write an essay, testing your ability to select, develop and structure a logical argument, back it up with evidence, and communicate concisely and effectively.

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