Which Admissions Test Do I Need To Sit?

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There are two medical admissions tests in the UK: the UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test), and the BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test). Medical schools in the UK favour one or the other, so which one you have to take will depend upon which universities you choose. This may mean you have to sit both medical admissions tests, if, for your four university choices, you select a university that requires the BMAT and a university that requires the UKCAT.

Should I Sit the BMAT or the UKCAT?

To find the answer, you need to know which medical schools you will apply to. Then, you can look up their requirements. For a list of which medical schools require which test, download our Admissions Test Fact Sheet, which provides a comprehensive breakdown, as well as a really excellent overview of tips and strategies to help you in the tests.

About the BMAT and UKCAT

Admissions tests are now universal medical school prerequisites and are partly designed to level the playing field, with all applicants across the world sitting the same test under exam conditions.

Though there are some similarities, the BMAT and UKCAT do represent different challenges.

Below we lay out differences between the tests, particularly focusing on Scoring and Preparation.

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