Requirements for International Medicine Applicants

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Once you have read our guide to international applications, you should begin considering what language and academic requirements you will be expected to meet in order to apply to UK medical schools.

What Do You Need to Apply for Medicine as an International Applicant?

The two main requirements you will need to consider as an international applicant for Medicine include your English language qualification, usually in the form of an IELTS exam, and grades from whichever exams you have taken. If you are taking international exams like the IB this may not apply, but if you are using a local curriculum, it is advisable to understand what your grades equate to in the British or international systems.

English language requirements

As Medicine courses are taught in English, all applicants must have a good verbal and written grasp of the language. If English is not your first language, but you have been in full-time education in the English language for the past two years, you may not need to sit a test, depending on your university choices. Otherwise, you may be asked to complete a formal qualification such as the IELTS or TOEFL. A list of acceptable English-language qualifications can be found on each university’s website.

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