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Dentistry is a highly competitive degree and is similar to Medicine in that it has high levels of applicants per place and similar challenges to those of medical school admission. There are also fewer universities which offer the Dentistry course. Work experience is essential to success in gaining a place, and some universities require a minimum amount before they will consider your application.

Dentistry Courses – An Overview

Dentistry courses prepare you for the different requirements of being a practicing dentist: namely, ensuring you have an understanding of biomedical and behavioural sciences, before specialising and understanding specific oral and dental aspects of these disciplines (including how to prevent and treat different dental disorders). Finally, they develop an understanding of how to apply this knowledge of biology, physiology and pathology in practical, clinical settings.

Much like Medicine, Dentistry courses cover pre-clinical and clinical practice to prepare you for a  career as a dentist. Over the course, you will be introduced not only to comprehensive dentistry, but also more specific options to help you become adept at dental practice. You will study operative dentistry, prosthodontics and periodontics – each of which helps you to improve your manual dexterity and ability to carry out a range of dental operations.

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