Our Expertise

Over the last 20 years, Dukes Medical Applications has helped hundreds of medical applicants win places on their chosen course. Applicants for Medicine need expert advice from an early stage to be sure they are focusing their energies on the right topics and concerns. They also need guidance from someone who has been through the process successfully and can advise them on the many points of detail in their application, what to expect, and what Admissions Tutors are looking for.

Our expert admissions consultants are available throughout the week.

Three elements of expertise


Our People

The first component of our expertise is our first-hand knowledge of the application process. Our in-house Medical Admissions Consultants use their own personal experience of successfully applying to medical school – and studying Medicine – to support you at every stage of your application. They know which pressures and challenges are associated with each part of the application, and they will be able to guide you in how to prepare for and deal with them in a helpful way.

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Our Research

Second, we use our year-on-year research into the admissions process at top medical schools to inform all our guidance. This gives us the ability to help you successfully target your application to the right medical schools – in the light of your exam results, your work experience, and your particular academic and personal strengths.

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Our Advisory Panel

Third, we employ the advice and experience of former Admissions Tutors and lay members of admissions panels at top UK medical schools. This allows us to keep you fully informed about what medical schools are looking for in current candidates, and how they weigh each of the individual assessments that you will undergo in coming to their final admissions decision.

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Some of the specific questions that arise during an application are:

Dukes Medical Applications has the expertise to help you answer all these questions and find your feet in the process. For more help, contact us.


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What work experience do I need to show? How should I talk about it?


What will I be asked in an interview? What will the interviews be like? How can I negotiate them?


Is medicine for me? How do I know it’s the right choice? How can I convince the interviewers?


What should I expect from a medical career?


What knowledge of the profession will I be expected to have?


How strong a scientist do I need to be? How much do I need to know before interview time?


How important are the admissions tests? What are the differences between BMAT and UKCAT? How can I maximise my score?


Which medical school would suit me best? Which am I most likely to gain admission to?


How can I draft a UCAS form and Personal Statement that appeals to medical school Admissions Tutors?

Successful Medicine Applicant, 2015

We are passionate about providing personal support for every applicant who needs it. If you would like guidance to help you answer your questions, contact our in-house medical admissions consultants to talk them through:

+44 (0)20 7499 2394 or email us on info@dukesmedicalapplications.com