Current Topics: Doctor’s Salaries

By Dr Emma Brierley

Dr Emma Brierley talks about the current state of doctor’s salaries within the NHS.

Doctors Salaries

With the new contract being implemented doctors’ salaries are often talked about. Medicine is not a career that should be chosen if a high salary is your driving force. Many other careers have higher starting salaries, bonuses and greater pay progression.

You will always receive a minimum wage and then if you have a job which requires additional or unsociable hours there will extra money added to this. You will receive days of in lieu if you work bank holidays but won’t be compensated financially.

Some doctors choose to increase their salary by undertaking locum work. This is currently very well paid and flexible, however with locum pay caps this may not be as lucrative in the future. Many consultants also have a private practice which can substantially increase their salary.

In summary:

– Starting out as a foundation year one doctor the minimum salary you will be on is £22,862 per annum.

– As a foundation year two doctor this will increase to £28,357 per annum.

– As a registrar, you will initially earn £30,302 per annum. This will increase as you progress.

– Finally, as a consultant this will increase to £76,001 per annum.

– General practice is different as it will depend on whether you are a salaried GP or a partner. Salaried GPs on average earn between £55,965 to £84,453 per annum. If you are a partner your income will depend on the practice business.