2017 Conference Highlights

We’ve captured some of the high points of our Young Person’s Medical Conference to reflect the immersive atmosphere of the day.


To see what the experience for a medical school hopeful is like, take a visual tour through the practical and medical workshops, talks, and Q&A sessions at the event


View the video from our 2017 conference to hear first-hand from  attendees or read our testimonials.



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Conference Overview Testimonial

The day was amazing. I have learnt how to write my personal statement, how to correctly find a work experience placement. I made my first stitch and it was a great success because I felt like I am already a practicing doctor. Thanks to the practical activities I understood how does it feel to work in medicine and I loved it. Now I know for sure that this is what I want to do for my whole life.

All the talks and workshops were outstanding. I did not feel shy to participate or to ask questions and the team spirit was great. Group A, in which I was, proved to be very efficient in all the activities and the lecturers were pleased with us as much as we were interested in everything they said.

Most useful about the day was all the information given. Such a big amount in just a day absolutely nailed the aims of this conference. I understood that I am on top of everything I do and I was reassured that what I thought there is to be done is actually the right thing to do. I liked the variety of speakers. We had practicing doctors and students so that it made a great balance.

Overall, I would not change anything because the time-management and planning was just perfect.

Thank you so much for such a remarkable day.

Opening Talks

Hear from the Experts

‘The most useful part of the day was the opportunity to talk to experts – both about
applying to medicine and life as a doctor’

‘Before today I was unsure of the journey a doctor had to take, but now I have a much
greater understanding of what I would have to do’

Practical Workshops

Practical Workshops

‘The booklet of information we were given and the interviews workshop were the most
useful bits about the day. The whole day was great fun. Great value for money!’

Medical School Exhibitors

Parent Drop-ins

Thoughts from Attendee Parents

‘We will be back next year. It’s great, thank you!’

‘As a parent, I have been able to clarify the path my daughter wishes to follow and find ways to support her in her choices’

Medical Workshops

The Tribunal

tutor talk

Medical Ethics

‘I have learnt; the pros and cons of being a doctor, things I didn’t know about ethics in
medicine and illnesses’

The Ward Round

Bedside Manner

‘The ward round was most useful as I feel more confident in talking to “patients” which will be beneficial in MMIs’

‘I absolutely loved the ward rounds. It exposed us to situations that we don’t normally experience but it was great because I learnt how to pick up hints from patients and that we should pick up on these during interviews’


The Operating Theatre


Immersive Stitching

‘I have learnt today about important ethics in medicine and how to stitch a wound’

Becoming a Medical Student

‘I learned what I should and shouldn’t do applying to different universities and it made me
sure that I want to study medicine’

‘You have made my determination to study medicine soar’

‘I have learnt an overall understanding of the life of a medical student’

Successful Medicine Applicant, 2015

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